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04-Oct-2020 10:55

And it eases your anxiety by being around positive energy.

For example, if you love dogs, set up a date where you both go dog walking together (dogs, by the way, are another great way for shy people to meet romantic partners!

Men and women who are shy both find dating particularly difficult.

Asking someone to go out with you is hard enough when you’re outgoing! They meet a person and are too nervous to say anything about how they feel. As a result, they feel more down on themselves, and their confidence fades.

If you’re shy, plan to “wade” into dating before jumping into the deep end.

There are many events that can be fun dates without the pressure of a romantic dinner for two.

A first date, in particular, should be a way to get to know each other without huge expectations looming over both of you.

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They also can help break the tension of a meeting where probably both of you are more nervous than you want to reveal!You want the other person to feel that you honestly want to get to know them more.