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Head office, wholesale and export departments opened in new buildings at 359-361 Euston Road - London. 1905: Alfred Dunhill's Patent Development Company established at 8 Argyll Place, London. 1909: Dunhill began an in-house pipe repair business.

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Frederick Dunhill inherited it, passing it on to Henry Dunhill.

What follows is our revised and expanded article on the most recognized pipe brand.

Many thanks to Yang Forcióri who has done the vast majority of the work on this extensive revision.

It can also be difficult to separate true quality from the marketing genius behind a famous brand such as Dunhill.

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In this article we attempt to navigate this, or at least give an indication of the challenges for readers to use their best judgement in discerning the merits of the information.And this is where Alfred Dunhill begins his historic journey: 1887: The third of Henry's son, Alfred, was apprenticed to his father's harness-making business. A harness and motor accessory business opened at 145-147 Euston Road, London. 1902: In July, the first Dunhill's Motorities shop opened at 2 Conduit Street, London.