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Report background graphic.0Unsaved Playlistcool soul wining for Jesus team ps alot teens and juniours and adults came down to get saved and alot of folks and juinrs and teens got there heart right with Jesus tobe more for Jesus wining souls for Jesus be postive think postive be honest and true to your family and friends 24/7 like Jesus does Jesus helped folks walking on water when they sank he pulled them up like wize Jesus can still help you when you walk on water soirually thru hard times and when you sink Jesus is there to help you out of the waters ps 6 all to geather to night friday march 13, 2012 teens and adults and maybe juniours came down to dedacte there life full service for Jesus psastor coles and everyone at for reviveal and boy did Jesus anmswer our prayers amazing cool:) thanks Jesus for answering everyones prayers even our cool pastor walt coles:) he prayed to Jesus we need revival and that teens would turn ther whole life for Jesus full service :) Logo Ron De Garde Ministries Logo Acts Home About Us Letter to Pastors Recommendations Salvation Message Itinerary Salvation Message My Friend: I am asking you the most important question of life. First, my friend, you must realize you are a sinner.

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I hope it’s something like, “Wow, Brandi sure is different from other girls. Wrote poetry instead, most of it terrible but cathartic. Irish pub because I'm a Karen, but a charcuterie board because I'm also a Georgia; the kids had pepperjack steak burgers; Richie and I had shepherd's pie; oh yeah and you can't beat 18¢ Senate bean soup and warm buttered rye bread. Before the rain drove us in the kids and I hit up a few caches around town - the tornado memorial and the old Masonic cemetery.

I love what a unique, fiery spirit she is,” and not “What a freak,” or “She’ll say anything to get me to like her.” His silence allows the latter phrases to run through my mind narrated by his voice in my head and I blush, grateful he can’t see me. 2009 Resolutions in Review: My resolutions for last year? One of my favorite lines from a terrible poem I wrote this year: “…Collapsing back in our cotton cave, / the grizzly and the panda set to hibernate / I’ll nuzzle your neck, / imagine us penguins / your sea lion smile letting me believe it’s forever…” I did mail more things this year. Last pic is how Nate and Lily look waiting for the rain to stop so we can go back out. The kids and I found 2 caches and failed to find 4.

I admit to him that I know my opinions cannot always be right. I did ask if he didn’t want a relationship or if he just didn’t want one right now.

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