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She debuted with 1998 Australian family drama television movie The Echo of Thunder where she played Opal Ritchie. She had appeared in 1999 in Australian children’s television series Thunderstone, in which Emily portrayed the role as Cleo. The workout went for three months for six hours a day.

Apart from this mentioned single, she also sang a couple of more singles. She learned martial arts from Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land teams).

Browning made her film debut in the Australian television film The Echo of Thunder subsequently, she played roles in the Australian television shows High Flyers, Blue Heelers and Something in the Air.

In 2005, Browning won the Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Violet Baudelaire in the film Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Appearing in 2004 film Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events as Violet Baudelaire, as Babydoll in 2011 film S*cker Punch, as Katie Harwood in 2002 film .

Laura’s a despicable character, but I don’t think fans hate her. EB: She’s a despicable person but a really cool character. I think that dudes have been able to play those characters for so long. But everyone has secrets on this show and maybe in season two we’re going to find out a few more. [Both laugh] RW: I’m hoping this question’s for you! EB: The fight scene that Laura has in season one before she saves Shadow was… One of the great practical things we had to do is where Laura loses her limbs and Sweeney has to carry her.“The Famous Birthdays” catalogs over 25,000 famous people, everyone from actors to singers to scientists to serial killers and more.If you're curious to see who was born on your birthday, you can use our database to find out who, what, where, when and why.Emily Browning is a famous Australian actress and singer, who was born on December 7, 1988.

As a person born on this date, Emily Browning is listed in our database as the 6th most popular celebrity for the day (December 7) and the 31st most popular for the year (1988).

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