Anna ask dating tip

04-Aug-2020 23:59

For instance, suppose a young man and woman would like to become better acquainted, but for a time they do not wish to make that widely known.Perhaps, as a young man named Thomas says, “they don’t want to be teased with questions like, ‘So when are you getting married?You probably know what your parents would say about the above statements.And deep down, you know that your parents are right.’” Undue pressure from others can indeed be harmful.(Song of Solomon 2:7) Therefore, at the initial stage of a relationship, some may well choose to be discreet.In public, they’re just friends, but their e-mails, phone calls, and text messages tell a completely different story.

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And if a friend of yours is dating secretly, don’t share in his or her course by helping to cover it up.

Really, if you can’t be open about your dating, you should ask yourself Do you know in your heart that your parents would have valid reason to object?

“I Knew What I Had to Do” Jessica, mentioned at the outset, changed her mind about secretly dating Jeremy when she heard the experience of another Christian who was in a similar situation.

What would be your greatest concern​—covering up for your friend or taking action that could possibly save his or her life?

You face a similar situation if you know that an acquaintance is dating secretly.(Ephesians 6:1) And if your parents object to your dating, they must have a good reason.

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