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After you enable logon auditing, Windows records those logon events—along with a username and timestamp—to the Security log. Hit Start, type “event,” and then click the “Event Viewer” result.In the “Event Viewer” window, in the left-hand pane, navigate to the Windows Logs Security.And if you scroll down just a bit on the details, you can see information you’re after—like the user account name.And because this is just another event in the Windows event log with a specific event ID, you can also use the Task Scheduler to take action when a logon occurs.It can also be done implicitly, such as by the user powering off his or her workstation, closing a web browser window, leaving a website, or not refreshing a webpage within a defined period.In the case of websites that use cookies to track sessions, when the user logs out, session-only cookies from that site will usually be deleted from the user's computer.It’s a pretty powerful tool, so if you’ve never used it before, it’s worth taking some time to learn what it can do.Also, if you’re on a company network, do everyone a favor and check with your admin first.

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Early home computers and personal computers did not generally require them until Windows NT, OS/2 and Linux in the 1990s.You can even have Windows email you when someone logs on. IO Imports System Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. In the middle pane, you’ll likely see a number of “Audit Success” events.

Windows logs separate details for things like when an account someone signs on with is successfully granted its privileges.Once the user is logged in, the login token may be used to track what actions the user has taken while connected to the site.

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