Are any of the duggar girls dating 2016

21-Nov-2019 00:04

Right now, all of this courting stuff is likely in the early stages.The Caldwell sisters were allegedly spotted at the Duggar compound during Valentine’s Day, which likely means at least one of them is likely courting one of the Duggar boys.There have been some reports that ratings dropped this season because the focus was almost all on Jinger Duggar and the process of her getting married.A lot of the complaints have focused on the show not being diverse in showing all of the siblings, making it hard for fans to continually tune in if their favorite Duggar sibling isn’t a part of the show.

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It has been a long time since Josh Duggar married Anna.

Jana is still at home and seems to be enjoying herself, and the boys all have things going on in their lives that have kept them busy enough to not rush into anything. It was an extended episode and introduced fans to Austin Forsyth, the man who has been courting Joy-Anna Duggar.