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The distance created is precise in its invitation to the viewer to blink and walk away, or to stop and take note. As with the blankness of Edward Hopper’s world, the coolness of De Chirico’s, the plainness of early Picabia’s, the impact of these works is in the space they open up for feeling to inhabit.

At the same time the work subtly repels emotion, insisting on the banality of its simplicity. Many of the drawings could have been made from magazine centerfolds, cinema lobby cards or marginal snap shots.

Here he gives way to more overt formal considerations and experiments with abstraction.

Whole post cards, ticket stubs, advertising clippings, packagings and photographs are arranged on the page beside torn and scissor cut elements elaborating color, graphic and compositional themes.

The real and the imaginary are married together with art.

Born in Minneapolis in 1952 Duncan Hannah studied art in New York at Bard College and the Parsons School of Design.

There is a particular type of alchemy Hannah is capable of in establishing a careful distance between his subjects and the viewer.

The smoothness of treatment, the inexpressive scenes and features, the whisper of a faded era are all elements he deploys in situating the viewer.

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Instagram star and model with over 16 million followers on the platform.

It is in the tightrope act they walk between the worlds of cliché and moment that Hannah’s works acquire their power.

Alongside drawings and paintings Hannah is exhibiting a range of earlier collage works dating from the ’80s and ’90s.

Our love story started in the 8th grade when we met through a mutual friend.

As you can imagine this is a very awkward time in a persons life and we were both so young, little did we know what was in store for us.As plainly as they are rendered here, the women in these paintings and drawings, all produced over the last 7 years, partake of this feeling of the imagined world.