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Therefore, it appears that the clerk’s office, in , received the final judgment subsequent to the date of entry. It can cause, at best, confusion, and at worst, a loss of appellate rights.” The Fourth DCA denied the motion to correct the record, as it found that the Appellant in was not deprived of his appellate rights in that particular case.

While the clerk’s time stamp apparently reflected the actual time of scanning, the stamp’s date was backdated to the date of the entry of the judgment. 9.020(i) (defining “rendition” of an order as occurring “when a signed, written order is filed with the clerk of the lower tribunal”). “We nevertheless disapprove of this practice as it is inconsistent with the appellate rules,” the opinion concluded.

The response from the clerk’s office stated that the stamp indicates the time that the clerk’s office scanned the judgment for processing to the electronic case management system.

In reviewing the information contained in the Appellee’s response, the Fourth DCA explained that when the clerk’s office receives the final judgment after the date of entry, the clerk’s office backdates the date of filing to match the date of the judgment’s entry but the time reflects the actual time of scanning.

Therefore, if one is seeking a retroactive effective date for tax purposes, the first requirement is that the document be above board as to what is going on.

Thus, showing the true date the agreement is signed, along with an earlier "effective as of" clause, is advisable.

Basile Pertsas, who is identified in reports as one of the owners, is a convicted felon.

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But state health officials say they weren't following the rules and putting the public at risk.Therefore, a transfer of an interest will result in changes to the shares of income (or loss) to be allocated to the involved members, effective as of the date of transfer.