Backup dating

12-May-2020 09:47

Zoe gives birth to twin girls, one of whom they name Penny.

In the end, Stan opens a store/restaurant next to Zoe's pet shop and after the Grand Opening speech Stan asks Zoe to marry him and she says yes.

The same day she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) when they both try to hail the same taxi.

They run into each other twice more at a farmers market and a pet store. Zoe is still uncertain whether she is pregnant or not and if she should tell Stan.

The night she takes the test, Stan takes her for a romantic dinner in a garden.

Things don't turn out as well as planned when he spills the wine and a fire occurs.

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At the end of the night Stan asks her to come to his farm during the weekend and Zoe finds out that she is pregnant.

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