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For me of course it was all about the music, I couldnt have cared if they wore lumberjack shirts and denims.Its interesting what you say about artists coming out Kurt, because in my 20s my 3 favourite bands were Husker Du, American Music Club and REM, as we know all 3 had front men who were not obviously gay, but have since came out.For what it's worth, a bit of Googling reveals that Devoto allegedly had a backstage (bathroom?) fling with Tony Wilson's ex-wife, as documented in 24 Hour Party People.(Interesting that in the States, gay women in music were more accepted than gay men.) Slowly, it's become OK for performers to be open and out, even if they don't particularly want to use their music as a forum for their sexuality (Bob Mould, Michael Stipe, etc.). I am sure my Dad went through a phase when I was 13 or 14 where he thought his boy "might be kicking with the wrong foot" so to speak.

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Later, I graduated to glam-era stuff like Bowie, Roxy, Mott, Lou Reed, etc.

To some extent, I see Rufus Wainright going down the Elton John yellow brick road. It may be be like Brett Anderson (Suede) or Kurt Cobain--saying it to the press to sound cool, even if it's not really true. Then again, maybe it's true, but it rings false.