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21-Dec-2019 21:11

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We missed out on so much by creating armour to protect us from taunts and jibes that we sometimes forget that there are people who feel better off because we are around.This is the journey that Jason travels through this story.So with a face not even his own mother can love, it’s hardly surprising that he’ll try anything to get a woman to go out with him, even if it’s only for a single date.With little interest in anything other than his quest for a woman and a nice bit of cod and chips, Jason needs to think outside the box if he’s going to find someone who’ll give him a chance.By the end of the book, I had tears in my eyes - always a sign of an enjoyable read!

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However, the description of Jason’s hapless attempts to find love had me chuckling over my cornflakes on many a morning. Underneath the humour was quite a sad tale of a guy trying just a little too hard to find love.

This all seem I managed to get hold of a copy of this book via a freebie promotion on the Kindle and as soon as I read the product description, I knew I had to read it straightaway because it sounded like it would be a right good laugh and it delivered on all accounts as I really enjoyed it.

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