Brittny gastineau dating michael phelps open lines for online dating

02-Jan-2020 02:54

From ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER - November 16 This new romance is based less on love then good old financial convenience.

Our athlete was tired of paying by the hour or day so decided to pay this celebrity by the month.

But we’re not going to focus on Michael Phelps in Rio today.

We’re going to focus on what being the most famous swimmer of all-time gets you.

Women like Brittney Gastineau have no other option but to marry rich and have babies.

Really, what else is she qualified to do that will enable her to continue the lifestyle that daddy once provided? With his extra long torso and all those tight muscles I'm sure he throws an exquisite fuck.

But they're really cute together.'She thinks he's a really sweet guy,' adds the source.

25-year-old Phelps is an American swimmer who has so far won 16 Olympic medals, six of which have been gold, and he is currently training for the London 2012 Olympics.

And that tells me the hype surrounding Phelps’ return to the Olympics in Rio is going to start growing.

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