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Rev Gilroy is moving to become the vicar of St Luke’s Church in Liverpool. The event lasts from 11am to 11pm and features stalls, vintage fire engines and a fun fair.

Everyone is welcome to attend and admission is £3 for adults and £2 for children. Notts Police are offering people the opportunity to swap old bikes locks for new ones, free of charge, in an attempt to reduce the number of bike thefts in the county.

This was the option supported by the vast majority of residents in a survey by the council last month.

Once the scheme has been drawn up then the proposals will need to be voted on but this is hopefully the next step in restoring the building after it was badly damaged by fire earlier this year.

Chapter Four I went to court looking and feeling like myself.

I had my own hair, my own nails and a lot of support. She had previously been to see me at work and told me how she could support me when I was being questioned.

The only place to begin this week is the official acceptance that the tram construction programme is running late and the tram will not begin operating later this year as intended.

During questioning, she sat behind me so I did not feel alone.

I had a woman from Women’s Aid attend court with me.

Prior to the court date she had shown me around the court and went through what to perhaps expect. When giving my evidence I was behind a curtain so I could not see his smug face or his family / friends, which made me feel relieved as this was what I was most scared of as I found him very intimidating.

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I was also granted a secure entrance, so he would not see me entering the court. I was made to feel insignificant, but I got to share my story and tell the truth.This gave me comfort in knowing that one day they might recognise signs or relate to my story and they will see him for what he truly is. The woman from witness protection made me realise something. If he did and he gets reported, he will go straight back to court.

Windows can also become cracked or chipped from incidents like storm damage, rocks thrown during landscaping, flying debris, golf balls and baseballs.… continue reading »

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No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to use this free personals site. … continue reading »

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