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Theft, for example, is punishable by amputating the right hand. Presumably, they are too busy worrying about whether bakers in Colorado have to bake penis cakes.If one were a cynic, one might wonder whether the Right’s silence on this unprecedented imposition of Islamic law against Christians has something to do with Brunei’s wealth and petroleum resources; the country is smaller than Delaware, but is the ninth-largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the world.The lawyers argued that Zaman and Derbyshire had stolen nothing, and that the prince’s charges against them were part of an elaborate scheme to funnel money through them in all manner of nefarious ways to fuel his insatiable need for cash.The defense lawyers also claimed that Jefri had stiffed Zaman and Derbyshire for millions in salaries and travel expenses, then fired them when they finally refused to comply with his increasing illegal demands.The arc of history may bend toward justice, but there are some pretty serious kinks along the way.

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Amnesty International put out a press release calling for revocation of the law. So, barring some unforeseen global wake-up call on the re-imposition of death by stoning, it seems that the shariah will be extended to Brunei’s 40,000 Christians, 50,000 Buddhists, and 325,000 Muslims as well.

He claimed that he never signed checks and that his business affairs had been managed entirely by four private secretaries and a coterie of advisers and attorneys, who ran his estimated 250 companies and all his other concerns.

By casting himself in that light, Prince Jefri, 56, hoped to make the jury believe that two of his own lawyers, Faith Zaman and Thomas Derbyshire, the attractive British husband-and-wife team sitting at the defense table, had ripped him off to the tune of a reported million.

Of course, the silence extends to the Left as well.

Other than the UNHCR, few liberals seem to have even noticed the change.

Well, on Tuesday, April 22, the tiny sultanate of Brunei planned to put into effect a new penal code that provides “stoning to death” as the penalty for rape, adultery, sodomy, extramarital sexual relations (for Muslims), defamation of the Prophet Mohammed, insulting any verses of the Koran and Hadith, blasphemy, and declaring oneself a prophet or non-Muslim. (Late Monday night Brunei delayed the implementation of the code, but an official said the punishments would begin “in the very near future.”)To this outrageous return to medieval modes of justice, the response in this country has been…the cancellation of a conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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