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I've got almost the exact clone to Silversport's shotgun...except mine is 16 guage, has always belonged to my brother and has something I've always called "Mickey Mouse Ears" attached to the end of the barrel.

It was a device made of rubber comprised of 3 rings that was supposed to help you bag more birds by showing you how much lead you needed to get the bird.

Videos on How Stuff and our popular You Tube channels unmask everything from why girls supposedly like horses (thanks to Stuff Mom Never Told You) to why we get brain freeze (courtesy of Brain Stuff).

Scientists at the CRPG-CNRS University of Lorraine, The University of Manchester and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris have ruled out a theory as to why the planet was warm enough to sustain the planet's earliest life forms when the Sun's energy was roughly three-quarters the strength it is today.

The team analysed tiny samples of air trapped in water bubbles in quartz from a region of northern Australia that has extremely old and exceptionally well-preserved rocks.

"We measured the amount and isotopic abundances of nitrogen and argon in the ancient air," said Professor Marty.

Life evolved on Earth during the Archean, between 3.8 and 2.4 billion years ago, but the weak Sun should have meant the planet was too cold for life to take hold at this time; scientists have therefore been trying to find an explanation for this conundrum, what is dubbed the 'faint, young Sun paradox'.

"To counter the effect of the weaker Sun, carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere would need to have been 1,000 times higher than present," said lead author Professor Bernard Marty, from the CRPG-CNRS University of Lorraine.

Always worked for my brother, never worked for me (I was forever using the wrong ring ).

The stars were first spotted together at the 2017 Met Gala, which they attended as just mates, but it appears their relationship has left the friend zone and is moving full speed ahead into the marriage/babies/grow old together zone.… continue reading »

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