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21-Dec-2019 13:01

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Federal district judges in New York, San Francisco and Baltimore blocked the move, holding that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had not put forth a legitimate explanation for such a significant change.

Census Bureau experts had predicted that millions of immigrants would refuse to answer the question, for fear of drawing attention, thereby creating a severe undercount in some areas.

The ACLU lawyers said Mark Neuman, an advisor to Ross, had consulted Hofeller and said he believed the citizenship question would “maximize” representation for the “Latino community.” They said both Neuman and Hofeller knew it “would have exactly the opposite effect.

It would disadvantage Latinos and benefit ‘Non-Hispanic Whites.’”On Thursday afternoon, the lawyers sent a letter to the Supreme Court alerting the justices to the new information.“We always had suspicions about the real motive of the administration, but this is the clearest evidence we have that the genesis of this was an effort to dilute minority voting power,” said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project.

But when the Supreme Court debated this idea in a Texas case three years ago, several justices objected, noting the government did not have precise block-by-block data on voters because the census counts all residents, regardless of whether they are citizens who are eligible to vote. Abbott, could have had a significant impact in California if the justices had ruled for the conservative challengers.

They said the court should enforce the one-person, one-vote rule by requiring that election districts have an equal number of voters.

Thomas Hofeller, a Republican expert on redistricting and gerrymandering, died last year in North Carolina.

“The real reason behind this was the opposite of what they were saying.”A Justice Department spokeswoman issued a statement saying that “these 11th-hour allegations by the plaintiffs …

are false.” She said the government lawyer had “never heard of the unpublished study” cited in the documents and it “played no role” in the 2017 recommendation to add the citizenship question.

Common Cause, and the justices sounded closely split during oral arguments in late March.

Hofeller’s daughter told the North Carolina lawyers of what she found on her father’s computer, and they in turn informed those who were working on the census case.In California, Texas and elsewhere, many of the state, local and congressional districts have large numbers of immigrants, and these districts tend to favor Democrats.

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