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In cold weather, he generally wears a sweater and grey hoodie under his green jacket.A commonly seen outfit is his "bird law" lawyer get up; a short sleeve button up, clip on tie, and beige khakis.He also has a talent for manipulating other people when he puts his mind to it (chief examples being his intricate, Machiavellian schemes in Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom and Charlie and Dee Find Love), suggesting he possesses the keen psychological insight required to do so.Whenever the Gang begins a new scheme, Charlie often expects to be placed in a position of authority, such as being Dennis's campaign manager in "The Gang Runs for Office" or being captain of the boat in "The Gang Buys a Boat", despite being woefully unsuited for them.

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He claims that his specialty is "bird law" and is adamant that he be the legal representation for anyone in the Gang who is in a legal jam .

When dressing up, he wears a white dress shirt and over-sized corduroy blazer along with his jeans and sneakers.

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