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The second is that 11 of the 15 could only be done by big corporations — primarily energy utility and car companies — but they were so deeply underwater financially that it was not going to happen. [laughter] The science was clear, but the solutions were just dramatically not.It could happen now, but at that time it was not viable. And then when Bill [Mc Kibben]’s piece came out in 2012, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math,” which is based on Mark Campanale’s work at Carbon Tracker, I had friends saying, “game over.” And so I finally decided to do : name the goal and then map, measure, and model, see if it’s achievable.There’s also a “coming attractions” category of not-yet-commercialized technologies, but they are not included in the scenarios.] How did the book get started?I hadn’t thought about solutions much until I saw the wedges, in 2001.And away we went, for almost three years, with 70 Drawdown research fellows from 22 countries and six continents. One thing that jumps out is how different this list looks from what gets discussed most in the media -- wind, solar, CCS.

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So in some cases we broke things up that people think of as aggregated. Direct-air water capture — from low-humidity, not high humidity, environments.And on the economic side, which is more difficult and gnarly, there’s no such thing as peer reviewed data in most cases. States have led, cities have led, but never the federal government. When [Trump] was elected, I went over every one [of the solutions]. It’s just that people in the United States think that they’re the leaders on this stuff.