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02-Nov-2019 06:02

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Do not involve yourself with a Chat Master for they are unpredictable.

It seems like the recent market place is not interested in stock and original which seems sad. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Safe 2017 New Year to All!

Still debating on re-listing or get to work on the things I would like to see done to the car. Rickrick, walk away from the car for another month & 1/2 and then re-list it. Try dropping it 00 and see if somebody snaps it up on buy it now.

A solid inspection of all previous work to make sure it has not been done wrong , the body work.

Amazing whats hidden under paint and what idiots can do who don't have a clue about correct way to do things.

Chatmaster sex-45

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The doors must open without dropping even 1/4"Gene, You might be correct but I could not possibly drive my '35 Standard coupe at a sustained speed of 55. The engine noise at that speed just keeps telling me to slow down. on the Interstate Highway in my 1936 (going down hill with the clutch pushed in). Decided to let the post in 33--36 section I made remain.