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Her sport has generated dazzling highlights and created a previously nonexistent competitive forum for semipro female athletes. She has remained stone-faced and front-facing for several minutes, but Furr can’t help herself. It can be jarring to attend an LFL game, scan the arena, and notice all the people there who seem to be earning money — concessions workers, ushers, even mascots. But there are also societal factors that guide their decision to stick with the LFL. Team: Chicago Bliss Experience: Five seasons in the LFL, more than a decade of competitive basketball, all-conference track athlete in high school.

Her league is filled with women like her, a former Division I athlete who found football as an adult. “No one is here to watch you play football,” players say Mortaza has told them. The players want to play real football in real arenas, to feel the rush of high-stakes competition. The LFL, for better or worse, is their middle ground. They speak of camaraderie, of the thrill of competition — the same reasons people play sports at any level.

Francis Xavier University who has written widely about sports and gender. Well, OK then.’” If a woman wants to play football, and she wants fast-paced play and glitzy arenas and games that will be shown on TV, then she must put on her uniform and smile for the cameras and go home with bruises and no pay. Weaknesses: Rarely wore makeup before she turned 23, has at times had a gnawing suspicion that this league may not be worth her time.

It has also produced its share of debilitating injuries, spurred class-action lawsuits, and inspired arguments over how much its players are worth. “Women athletes are accustomed to playing for less than men or for nothing at all,” says Charlene Weaving, a professor at Canada’s St. Strengths: Running the option, reading the quarterback’s eyes, inventing celebrations for her interceptions and touchdowns.

The first time she put on a football uniform, it came with a jersey and pants and full pads. She eventually earned a track scholarship at Temple University, but as an adult Roach returned to the game she loved.

Not long after she began playing the sport, she sent a running back off the field on a stretcher. She joined a fully padded 11-on-11 football league, and one afternoon she talked to Chandler Brown, who had just been hired to coach the LFL’s Philadelphia Passion. Roach says now, “As a woman and a football player, the very idea of the LFL was embarrassing to me.” Embarrassing, yes, but also fast-paced and competitive and, at the time, televised.

She went with an all-star team to Mexico City, and she scored a touchdown and stood on a platform before thousands of fans. In the years since, Furr has never lost her love of football, but she has wrestled with her love for the league.

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They’ve dealt with their parents’ concerns about the league.

“When you spend your life competing in team sports, and then you lose that, you’re desperate to get it back.” In the LFL, Furr found a group of women who shared her athleticism and passion. Others were discovering the allure of a violent sport that had long been off-limits to their gender. ” She moved from receiver to quarterback after her first game, and soon she was connecting on short passes, running the option, and turning Chicago into one of the best teams in the league.

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