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India has more unconnected people than any other country, and other features that make it the biggest opportunity in global tech today.China’s internet is largely closed off and Brazil has less than a fifth of India’s population.There's one bus a day that passes through, the only connection to the nearest city more than 50 miles away. Otherwise this phone is just lying there useless." Like nearly 900 million people in India, Devi has never used a smartphone or accessed the internet.She needs to climb onto the roof of her house to catch a couple of bars of cell service so she can call her children and relatives. The race to bring those millions online, adding to more than 500 million Indians already connected to the internet, is being contested by the biggest global names in tech.After a few miles, we arrived at a small cluster of mud houses, a village called Bida.

There they'd use Whats App and You Tube, services that are useless in their unconnected village."Now we're entering the no network zone," our translator, Amrit Singh, turned and said to me.Minutes earlier my phone had been pinging with emails, text messages and Instagram notifications. We drove on for another 30 minutes, chatting and looking out at the barren landscape, suddenly without our six-inch screens to occupy us.That triggered a price war with other mobile providers slashing their rates dramatically.

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"Every phone in India will be a 4G enabled phone, and every customer will have access to 4G connectivity," he said during a speech in October.

" Many of the villagers said they wanted to access government programs that they heard could be done through the phone.