Consolidating financial statements worksheet

13-Nov-2019 07:09

Pinto chooses to use the indirect method of reporting cash flows from operating activities. Intercompany elimination refers to the process for removal of transactions between companies included in a group in the preparation of consolidated accounts.These expenses do not appear on either set of individual records but in the consolidated income statement.As a noncash decrease in income, this expense, under the indirect approach, is added back to consolidated net income to arrive at cash flows from operations.The elimination of intercompany revenue and expenses is the third type of intercompany elimination.These intercompany revenues and expenses are eliminated as they are merely transfers of assets from one associated company to another.Thus, this statement is not actually produced by consolidation but is created from numbers generated by that process.However, preparing a consolidated statement of cash flows does introduce several accounting issues.

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Exhibit 6.6 shows book and fair values of Salida’s assets and liabilities and Pinto’s acquisition-date fair-value allocation schedule.

The cash outflow from dividends paid by a subsidiary only leaves the consolidated entity when paid to the non-controlling interest.