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09-May-2020 14:51

I was my living in an odd efficiency apartment designed to resemble a Japanese garden.

Because no one had told me that my efficiency was haunted, every time I felt a tap on the shoulder or discovered that an object had moved on its own for no reason, I always blamed it on myself — that I was either too tired or had an overactive imagination. The first question out of his mouth was “Is it haunted?

It was a “shadow figure” — a type of inky black apparitional form that I didn’t believe existed at the time.

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He has one sister named Natalie and two half-siblings.

I guess you can say that this experience triggered my skepticism. At that time, I was working as a script production assistant on a television series at Warner Bros. My chief responsibility was to copy and deliver scripts all over the lot, the sound stage and stars homes.