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In case you don’t manage to find a free spot, there are also other nice bars on the Riva such as Congo, Ćakula and Antique Bar.ST-Riva: It is situated on waterfront on the southern side of the Diocletian Palace.Gaga is, as you will see, not very big, but it’s extremely popular during the summer season.If you want a place to sit and enjoy a cocktail from the outdoor bar, you should arrive no later than 11 PM. You sit in the centre of the old town on the Peristyle square and enjoy a glass of red wine while listening to some of Splits best young musicians performing live.The Japanese ambassador to Croatia Masaru Tsuji has joined Zagreb’s Mayor Milan Bandic and the president of the Croatian-Japanese Society Ivan Slade in planting 20 japanese cheery blossoms at Lake Bundek in the Croatian capital to signify the bond between the two nations.

High tables and chairs and a wide selection of domestic and imported beers will make you feel like you’re in the middle of Ireland.

Academia Club Ghetto: A few meters after Figa, you’ll find Academia Club Ghetto which is situated in a courtyard, where live bands often are playing, the audience, the music and the interior design of Ghetto gives the place an atmosphere like an underground club.