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Commander Will King, 41, (top right) the captain of HMS Montrose, was just 500 yards from Iranian waters and could see the dimming lights of the British-flagged tanker when he received the message, in English, on channel 16.

Gunner Dominic Blane, 22, (inset left) carrying an SA-80 as the ship pulls out of a Dubai port.

They include a drug lord serving 12 years for running a multi-million pound ring (bottom right) who uses an illicit phone at HMP Highpoint South in Suffolk to host hour-long Facebook live videos watched by up to 70,000 people.Alice says she remembers practicing the workout with college friends in 1983.She believes the workout is still great for super-fit women in search of killer abs.But the former chancellor then cancelled the summit due to the 'discourteous' manner the PM shelved the meeting.

Mr Johnson gathered his closest aides at Chequers today as he braces for all-out war with Remainers in Parliament this week.

Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced Sunday parts of Marsh Harbor - a town of more than 6,000 - appeared to be 'underwater', sending desperate locals onto their roofs for shelter from the floodwaters.