Dating a busy girl on work

12-May-2020 00:25

Our last actual "date" was 2 weeks ago and since then it's been really tough to make solid plans with her.I've been getting a lot of "maybes" and have to push her to try and reschedule when she says she can't do things.Not sure what I should say if she cancels on me again. Lots of work and home stuff going on (and even a bit of travel) but still try to squeeze in a convo with the bf every day even if it's just to say hi.We live in different states and even with our busy schedules, we try to squeeze in seeing each other at least once a month if we can. I'm trying to think of how to word it in a way that's like.. She has this party/wild lifestyle on the side, so I'd sometimes invite her to things in that vein because it looked like she was still into that when I started seeing her. But it feels like now she just can't commit to plans with me.I just can't tell if she's struggling to juggle everything in her life right now, or is trying to see other people and keep me in the wings.TL; DR: Girl that's super busy with an insane schedule is starting to get hard to make plans with, and I can't tell if it's because she's genuinely busy/exhausted, or is trying to fit me into a rotation of other people she might be seeing.

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I disagree with people saying that she must have someway to make time for things that she values. Relationships don't pay bills I've been the super busy person and still am.

I feel like I'd need to say something at that point.

I don't think I'm getting faded on, but she's definitely trying to keep me in the loop.

What makes you think she's looking for something casual?

I guess the last two girls I saw casually didn't text me daily and weren't as affectionate etc, but I guess that doesn't mean much.She cancelled on a "maybe" date on sunday because she still had a lot of reading to do for school.