Dating a christian scientist

11-Jun-2020 07:12

October 2001 by Gerald Bergman, Ph D Many modern religions make specific claims which are incongruent with reality and the results of scientific research.One of the best examples is religion-motivated medical neglect which in one church congregation alone resulted in the death of at least 64 children from 1975 to 1995 (Asser and Swan, 1998).man is incapable of sin, sickness, and death” ( Science and Health 1934 edition p. Persons educated in modern Western society view this belief as a serious distortion of reality that would cause a therapist to question the sanity of the person who espouses it.The obvious erroneousness of this belief, and reports of the many children that have died because of it, may be one reason why the Christian Science church membership has declined drastically in the past decades.

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Christian Science focuses on helping their followers look beyond the “false appearances of the material world to see the real world, which is God’s total perfection.” The Christian Science healing doctrine is poignantly nonsensical in view of their belief that “man is not matter ..

The church operates what was once one of the country’s larger and more respected newspapers, The Christian Science Monitor (Gey, 1998: 17).

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