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Women’s games indicate that genderspecific games can be more than educational tools to familiarize girls with technology or perpetuate stereotypes; they can be a significant extension of female culture into the realm of gaming.” Kim, and other cultural theorists like her, have come to accept otome gaming as a liberating creative zone for female game developers and gamers to explore. Aileen Viray, the company’s marketing manager, said of the release, “This is really experimental for us because otome games arent really known in the U. Its our first otome game and I believe its one of the very first otome games in the U. The core series has released multiple spin-off games set in Oz and Wonderland. Playing an otome game is an incredibly lonely experience, as the fantastic and imaginative environments never allow you to forget that you are interacting with a developer’s image of an attractive man.

S.”Today, there are so many otome games available on the i Tunes app store that fans have written explanatory wikis just to make sense of them all. It’s rare for classic otome games to employ any irony, unlike fun, comedic simulators like , in which the player woos and dates pigeons.

The otome experience feels akin to watching reverse harem anime, in which a single female character manages the attractions of several male characters.

Reina Scully from Source Fed NERD explains the genre this way:, reverse harem anime follows a female protagonist who is surrounded by a bunch of sexy boys. […] The lead is indecisive about who [s]he wants to choose, and subsequently is sorta, kinda with all of them.

You can have discussions with other fans, create your own fan art to share with others, or report any issues or bugs you may find with either of our games.

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Though we haven’t quite figured out how to talk about otome, it’s likely to continue growing as an enterprise.One Sim can ask another to go Downtown, either in person or over the telephone.

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