Dating armagh

18-Jan-2020 02:16

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I enjoy treating whoever im with very well and hate lies. I have a love for motorbikes and heading for a spin up the antrim coast, I also love travelling because there is far to many things to see and do in the world than to sit on ur arse. well i am interested in meeting new & exciting people & i guess thats why i have joined.

failing that just some woman with kinks and fetishes she wants to try. hi all, as an older man on here i am still trying to find a mature local woman on here for some fun.

Age, size , looks, shape all unimportant as i try to fulfil my wee kink.

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hello ladies, still looking for a strong female to dominate me with wrestling holds. school girl pin/ face sit, body scissors, camel clutch, and of course boston crab, training will be given to older mature woman willing to try and of course younger female body builders with muscle acceptable.