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12-Nov-2019 15:26

No great surprise since I have gone through the "change" #okay #finemenapauseforyoumedicalpeople I had expected a lot of things to happen, given the horror stories on the internet (not to take away from anyone who is truly having a rough time), but none of them happened.

It actually took my Roomie asking if I needed her to buy me feminine hygiene products while she was at the drug store, to realize that no, I did not need them. Now that hormones weren't in play, giving me decidedly more risque thoughts, my brain had just attached itself to the next best thing...

In other words, you’ve earned wisdom that you didn’t have when you were younger.

For this reason, dating tips that apply to people in their 20s and 30s don’t always apply to the over 40 crowd.

Laugh at yourself more Gosh, remember when you were younger and felt self-conscious at the slightest provocation?

Becoming more mature is about not taking life – or yourself – too seriously.

Focus on the kind of lifestyle you want in the future, and ask yourself if the person you’re on a date with would fit well within that life style.

Tell yourself that anyone worth developing a relationship with will see through all the silly stuff and like you just the way you are.