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24-Apr-2020 01:07

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As Jay said in an interview, “I have clients who say ‘I spent years of my 20s living with someone who I wouldn’t have dated a year if we had not been living together’”.More sobering still, is research which suggests that “couples who otherwise would not have married end up married because of the inertia of cohabitation.” They slide their way right down the aisle: “We might as well share an apartment since we’re already spending so much time together” becomes “we might as well stay together since I might not be able to find someone else,” and finally “we might as well get married since we’ve already been living together for so long.” This may be especially true when the couple is over thirty, and when more and more of their friends start getting hitched.Studies show that couples who don’t cohabitate serially, only living with the person they end up marrying, and who wait to move in with that person until they get engaged, have the same rate of marriage stability and compatibility as those who only move in together after actually walking down the aisle.The ritual of engagement, having a deliberate plan to marry, carries the kind of ambiguity-slaying intentionality that leads to a happy union.That is, because more “unconventional” types — folks who were less religious and less committed to the institution of marriage — were more likely to live together before marriage, they were also more likely to seek a divorce if the relationship went sour.The cohabitation effect was thus an issue of correlation, rather than causation.Moving in together can be fun and economical, and the setup costs are subtly woven in.

Research has shown that “Spouses who cohabited before marriage demonstrated more negative and less positive problem solving and support behaviors compared to spouses who did not cohabit,” a finding that held even when “sociodemographic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal functioning variables” were controlled for.

On an intuitive level, it would seem to make sense that couples who had already tried out the proposition of living together, and intimately tested their compatibility, would be able to make a better-informed decision as to whether or not to get hitched, and would thus have a more solid and successful marriage.

Yet, almost a dozen studies conducted since the 1970s have shown the very opposite outcome — that cohabitation prior to marriage is linked to chance of divorce.

The initial investment, called a setup cost, can be big or small. When we make an initial investment in something, switching costs are hypothetical and in the future, so we tend to underestimate them.

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It is easy to imagine we’ll just get a new credit card later or deal with breaking a lease when the time comes.

As one researcher sums it up: “no positive contribution of cohabitation to marriage has ever been found.” What accounts for this counterintuitive conclusion?