Dating belleek wares

09-Oct-2020 15:38

This vase shows the great skill of the flower makers at the Belleek pottery.

It is beautifully decorated with a daisy and forget-me-not design.

Its collections of natural history and antiquities still form a large part of the Ulster Museum's collection today.

It is wonderful to have such an exact date on a piece of Belleek pottery.

The Belleek Pottery marks its pieces with the emblem of a harp, round tower and Irish hound.

The date of a piece is identified by the style and colour of the mark.

It was displayed in its Belfast Free Public Art Gallery and Museum, founded in 1890.

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It made a large range of unglazed and glazed, enamelled and gilded pieces.The Belleek collection at the Ulster Museum contains nearly 200 items. The Belleek Pottery started in 1863, in an area that had the raw materials required to make porcelain, earthenware and stoneware.It was originally called Mc Birney & Co, producing a wide range of domestic earthenware.Though sadly we do not know who the identity of the two people he painted.

The village of Strandtown, County Down indicated on one dish is now a suburb within the city of Belfast.

This meant Victorians could buy sculpture for their own homes. He also worked with clay and probably made this piece.