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17-Jan-2020 10:53

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For those who already know what they’re doing, simply download the configuration file from Firebase and override the default one in the app template folder ( for Android).

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Instead of using a simulator/emulator, you can also just plug a physical phone into your laptop/computer.

You can get away with much of the effort, by only modifying the styles section, which usually lives at the end of the files.

The components have clear & expressive names, so modifying the CSS-style properties should be pretty straightforward.

Most of the React Native source code lives in the folder.

In this section, we are going to describe how to make common customizations to the code, in order to make your app unique.To build the dating app template on i OS, simply run the following command in your Terminal (make sure you’re located in the unarchived app template folder): : If you are on Windows, we recommend you to use Visual Studio Code IDE (a.k.a VSCode), which has a built-in terminal where you can run the above commands.