Dating by correspondence

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Words spelled as one or as separate words are recorded according to the form found in the source.If it is hard to tell whether there is a space between words, the spelling that makes the text easier to understand has been chosen.Diacritical marks and superscripts over vowels have been left in.A dot over an i and a hook over a u is treated as part of the letter and is not marked additionally in the transliteration.The decision to apply standardization was dictated by concern for the text’s clarity and searchability, but also by the impossibility of determining the author’s vision of a text’s graphic form in the case of sources that were not fair copies, and in the case of fair copies – the frequent lack of consistent notation.We considered introducing a second layer of text into the Corpus, namely a transliteration of the primary source, but abandoned this in the case of Latin texts because it would mean having to revise a large amount of text previously transcribed according to different rules , those initially adopted for the book edition of the series Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci .For the convenience of the reader, numerous cross-references, extended indexes, and short biographies of all persons mentioned in the correspondence have been added.

dating by correspondence-72

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There are 82 such letters, of which 79 are from Noether to Hasse, dating from 1925 until Noether's sudden death in 1935.

However, to enable users to view the external form of the sources and compare the transcription with the source notation, the Corpus includes facsimiles of all the primary sources of the correspondence whose owners agreed to have the sources presented on the internet.

Principles of standardization of Latin text All the abbreviations in the Latin texts have been deciphered without additional marking, except for ambiguous or doubtful cases which are deciphered in round brackets ( ); if necessary, extra remarks are included in the critical apparatus.

This also applies to double consonants at the start of a word.

Ligatures have been separated without extra mention.No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publisher.