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26-Oct-2019 21:45

After splitting again in the same year, the TV star admitted she found their age gap “a bit silly” and insisted she was “happily single”.She told The Mirror: “I’m happily single, freely independent and doing my own thing.”Carol’s advice seemingly comes from her experience with her own relationships.The maths whizz first married Christopher Mather in 1985, before they split after just one year.She spilled: “I want to live every moment embracing things totally and living for no regrets.“Remember, we only have one very precious life to live so let’s not forget to live it!”Carol also said “we are all the same as we were when we were kids” as she went on to suggest dating was “the same old stuff” whatever the age.Manage all the days you don't want to miss out.-Your 100 days and 1st year anniversary will be automatically calculated once you enter your first day!-Get useful info for Valentine's day, White day, Rose day, Kiss day, Movie day, Hug day, and Christmas!

The couple reportedly split in 2015 but rekindled their romance in 2016.Life’s too short.”In an interview with the Daily Mail earlier this month, Carol also admitted she is learning dating “language” through some of her divorced friends. Honestly, I just can’t see it.”The presenter also recently admitted she is not looking for “a keeper”. which was wonderful.“It’s the sort of message other people are saying.”The TV star has been married twice in her lifetime.She told the publication: “I’ve got some freshly divorced friends in their 40s who keep me abreast of how it all works and this whole new language you have to learn."'Hook up', meaning one-night stand, I was aware of, but I’d never heard of ‘chirpsing’ — apparently that means you’re dating, but it’s not exclusive’.”Twice married Carol also revealed she doesn’t see a third marriage happening in the future. While discussing her new show Carol Vorderman: My Single Life on ITV show Lorraine, she told the host: “We’re not all looking for keepers, that is the point. She first tied the knot with Christopher Mather in 1985, before they separated a year later.Back in 2012, Carol hit the headlines when she began dating on-off partner Graham 'Duffy' Duff, who was 14 years her junior.

The former couple reportedly split in 2015, but rekindled the following year.Memo written on each date will turn into awesome timeline just for you! As you add on the trips, it will eventually turn into a exclusive trip diary!

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