Dating effects

23-Oct-2020 19:59

She continues that, “they create an atmosphere that psychotherapists would have previously regarded as pathological, and narcissistic”.

Concluding that, “the way these apps are designed are around appearances, non-emotional online communication, and they are about ubiquity and endless promise”.

Or does technology affect what qualities are perceived as important in a partner?

Is online dating less like a ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’ interaction?

And does the nature of these online interactions affect our behaviour and how we behave with one another?

Psychotherapist, Denise Dunne argues that “there are some difficulties in mental health that arise around the use of dating apps”.

Some reports note that the average online dating site user spends 90 minutes per day on a dating app.

In, 38% of singles in a nationwide American survey admitted that they had used online dating, with 1/3 of respondents arguing that their schedule made it difficult to meet someone through traditional methods and 1/4 of users stating that they were online dating in search for a fling, as opposed to a serious relationship.

Becoming too caught up in our physical appearance can potentially lead to insecurities, anxiety and other mental health issues that have become increasingly common amongst today’s youth.Whilst Generation Y and Z prove to be doing significantly better than their parents were at their age, perhaps as a result of their economic and social climates, the simple fact that their upbringing has coincided with the development of smartphones and social media, has given way to them being attached to more than a few unsavoury stereotypes.

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