Dating exclusivity marriage

31-Jul-2020 14:52

Then it will be logical to move on and not look back. BS"D I am sure it was very difficult to go through the separation, and I am sure it did hurt.

I might be mistaken, but it would probably have been wiser had you avoided keeping in touch with him, even via e-mail. I am engaged to a great woman that I met over a year.

You have to clarify exactly what you want from a relationship.

You letter mentioned "commitment" and "marriage down the road.” When someone is dating with the ultimate goal of marriage, the couple becomes exclusive as their courtship moves in the direction of marriage.

If he really does want to get married, what is he doing about it?

Naomi Dear Naomi, Before we discuss the man you dated, let's talk about you.This past weekend we ran into each other and ended up spending time together.