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She talked about her boyfriend Balthazar (what kind of stupid name was that? Eventually Cas admitted that part of the reason she snapped at Dean the first time they talked was because Balthazar had been teasing her about how much time she spent online and she was just venting her frustrations (even though Dean had admitted repeatedly that he had been an ass at the time too). Impala67: theres actually a reason i like it so much Wayward Angel: I can’t wait to hear this…Impala67: be nice Impala67: it reminds me of larping Wayward Angel: You LARP?! Their tastes in music were vastly different and they spent hours sharing links to different songs trying to educate the other in good music. Dean found out Cas had two brothers, both older, and neither of her parents approved of her lifestyle; though she chose not to elaborate on that point. She wasn’t close to anyone in town but her brother but apparently that was out. Cas invited Dean to join her guild and soon he had a close group of online friends to chat and play the game with. It turned out they only lived around two hundred miles apart and they were generally online at the same time. Once Dean was up to Cas’s level, they started doing quests and raiding together. He could help her through the weekend and be back by Monday. They can chat between characters if they are on the same server or with their Blizzard ID if they are on each other's friends lists no matter what character, server, or game they are on. He huffed and swore a few more times to calm down before starting a new match. He sent the guy a friend request and then opened a chat. To lesson confusion, their Skype IDs are also their Blizzard IDs. His opponent had a design on his cards he’d never seen before. He should at least try World of Warcraft before he bashed it. Impala67: tried both, but i like alliance Wayward Angel: Me too. Cas was awesome and if she just wanted Dean as a friend, he’d be that for her.

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”Cas shook his head which made him groan and close his eyes. Just want to sit with you.”“Maybe you should go lie down. I can’t go in that room.”“Do you have a spare bedroom? They’d been talking almost daily for nearly half a year. He’s even seen a few stories of people get married after meeting in game. He searched the cabinets until he found some aspirin and poured his friend a big glass of water. Once they were lined up, he went in search of spare blankets. Individually they did mean much but all put together, he could see why he came to the conclusion he did. God, Charlie would kick his ass if she found out how much he had assumed about Cas without even might be pissed when Dean told him. Right now, it was five in the morning and he had his best friend (who happened to be a very handsome man) in his arms. His blue eyes had lost the drunken sheen, but they were still pretty red-rimmed.