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I’ve just met so many different kinds of women who had their own opinions and beliefs.However, I do believe that due to culture, there are tendencies, preferences, and common thoughts of our topic: Dating.As the data suggests, they prefer to eat in Italian restaurants because they are usually nice places to eat.They have a nice variety of food, alcohol is good, and they are known in Japan as places to go for dates.Two of them were over 40, and to no surprise were more conservative.All of them were from different backgrounds and had different hobbies, interests, careers, and so forth. This is a relatively small sample and most of the answers were limited which doesn’t cover in detail, but there is a consensus on what is commonly wanted or not wanted on first dates. These questions were often followed by “it depends on the situation”.Italian restaurants range from really casual and standing bar styled to fancy schmancy.

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What I realized was that I completely most of the time). Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a pro at dating or speaking to Japanese women.The restaurants pinned on these maps are just as points of reference. My hope is that you guys explore here to properly plan your date. In , or group dating parties in which there are an equal amount of men an women, the women look forward for men to pay 100% of the bill.