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The model number can also help indicate the year of production.

I recommend that you reply with the full model number and serial number of your Kenmore range. Based on the publish date of the parts list diagram, the year of manufacture is likely 1982 (12 years earlier than noted above).

We technicians use these date codes daily to assist in determining whether an appliance is still covered by a factory warranty in the absence of a purchase receipt.

These codes and how to read them change from company to company, but I have put this list together covering how to break down the codes, and some examples of how to read them.

Dishwashers can range from about 0-1,000 on average, so it’s important to figure out how much you’re willing to spend and find a dishwasher that fits your budget, while still being able to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few other things to consider in picking the right dishwasher: Ultimately, the right dishwasher for you is the one that will effectively clean your dishes in a cost and energy-efficient way.

GE Month Codes A=Jan D=Feb F=Mar G=Apr H=May L=Jun M=Jul R=Aug S=Sep T=Oct V=Nov Z=Dec GE Year Codes F=1991/2003 G=1992/2004 H=1993/2005 L=1994/2006 M=1995/2007 R=1996/2008S=1997/2009 T=1998/2010 V=1999/2011 Z=2000/2012 A=2001/2013 D=2002/2014 Gladiator See Whirlpool Hotpoint See General Electric ICONSee Electrolux Ikea See Whirlpool Inglis See Whirlpool Jenn-Air See Maytag Kirkland See Whirlpool Kitchenaid See Whirlpool LG1st Numeric Character = Last Digit of Year Manufactured2nd and 3rd Numeric Characters = Month Manufactured Example – 705KWSB01654 was manufactured May of 2007.

We have linked this service below to help them to find the manufacturing date of their major appliances.

Appliance manufacturers often use a date code as part the of the units serial number to signify when it was manufactured.

WC Wood Month Codes A=Jan B=Feb C=Mar D=Apr E=May F=June G=Jul H=Aug I=Sep J=Oct K=Nov L=Dec WC Wood Year Codes A=1992 B=1993 C=1994 D=1995 E=1996 F=1997 G=1998 H=1999 I=2000 J=2001 K=2002 L=2003 M=2004 N=2005 O=2006 P=2007 Q=2008 R=2009 S=2010 T=2011 U=2012 V=2013W=2014 X=2015 Y=2016 Z=2017 Whirlpool2nd or 3rd Alpha Character = Year Manufactured (Prior to 1990 1st Numeric = Last Digit of Year Manufactured)1st and 2nd Numeric Character = Week Manufactured Example – CSR2817974 was manufactured in the 28th week (July) of 2004.

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Today’s dishwashers are a far cry from models of the past.It's always good to know how old your appliance are.

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