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17-Apr-2020 16:18

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Longer-term relationships develop “companionate love,” which can be described as a deep affection, and strong feelings of commitment and intimacy.Where does your relationship land on the spectrum of love? Hatfield, of the University of Hawaii, and Susan Sprecher, a psychology and sociology professor at Illinois State University, can help you gauge the passion level of your relationship.When he sees that she wants him rather than needs him and that she’s perfectly happy getting on with her life with someone else if he can’t give her what she wants, then he’s free to decide if he wants to commit.Men who feel they have won their woman rather than been ensnared by her are much likely to make a long term commitment.These are the same brain circuits that are ignited in early romantic love.

Choose a time when you’re feeling close and there are few outward distractions.

It’s better to have ‘the talk’ when you’re both sober, clear headed, and it’s natural rather than contrived.