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18-Nov-2019 16:07

Red Cross President Peter Maurer said his Geneva-based organisation is tripling its budget this year in Venezuela to around m and almost doubling its staff to around 180 people.

US Vice President Mike Pence told the Security Council on Wednesday that the Trump administration is determined to restore democracy to Venezuela, preferably through diplomatic and economic pressure, but "all options are on the table" - and Russia and others need to step aside.

The country's leadership has been in question since late January when national assembly leader Juan Guaido challenged embattled President Nicolas Maduro as the country's acute economic crisis worsened.

US Vice President Mike Pence called on the United Nations on Wednesday to revoke the UN credentials of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government and recognise opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's legitimate leader.

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Diplomats said it is unlikely Washington will get the support needed to adopt such a measure.

The United States called an emergency meeting of the UN's most powerful body, which is deeply divided over Venezuela, to focus on the worsening humanitarian situation in Venezuela.

The International Monetary Fund will not have any contact with Venezuela, nor allow the country to access its reserves held by the institution, until the international community recognises a government in Caracas, an IMF spokesman said on Wednesday.

He said the United States had drafted a UN resolution and called on all states to support it. President Nicolas Maduro's government in Venezuela poses a threat to the United States, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday, referring to the increased involvement of Russia, Iran and Cuba in the country. the Maduro regime presents a threat to the United States of America," Pompeo told a US congressional hearing.

The Trump administration has said that Maduro has surrounded himself with Cuban security and intelligence officials, and told Moscow to withdraw some 100 Russian troops that arrived in Venezuela in March.Below find all the updates from January 22 to April 11. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China's financing of President Nicolas Maduro's government is prolonging the crisis in Venezuela.