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It is regrettable that their names are being used so, but by allowing searchers to find the aliases, further harm to other innocent victims can be prevented. Jeff Abisogun Anthony Abirached James Abidi Julius Abiam Dr.

Visitors who have found this site through a successful search are asked to send in any additional name, not listed, that they receive in the future, so that others might also be warned. Austine Chief Inocent Koffi Austine Mustapha Abacha Alhaji Mohammed Sani Abacha Alhaji Mohammed Abacha Idris Sani Abacha Abdul Kadir Abacha Jr.

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Momud Abacha Musa Abacha Babagana Abacha Malik Ahmen Abacha Malik Abacha Kadiri Abacha Alhaji Usman B. Abacha Hamed Abba Abacha Female Mariam Abacha Maryam Abacha Hajia Mariam Abacha Miriam Abacha Marian Sani Abacha Mariam Sanni Abacha Merian Abacha Hajia Maryam Abacha Hadija Abacha Hadjia Amina Abacha Hajia Aminat Abacha Amina Abacha Munirat Abacha Jumai Afsatu Abacha Jumai Afusat Abacha Jumai Abacha Zainab Abacha Zabinb Abacha Zinab Abacha Amina Fatima Abacha Fatima Abacha Mrs. Kofi Adams Dr Ajaye Adams Idioma Mike Adams John Adams Okiro Adams Ganiyu Adams Toni Adams Emmanuel Joe Adams Dr.