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Because there is no reference to the date the registration was created, it would be necessary to consult a reference book to find out when the dateless number. If it is registered in the September plate change, it will have the same year plus 50 i.

Anyone with a number plate that does not display the registration number Age identifiers. This is standard across all cars registered sinceso you can easily work out the age of a vehicle if you are looking to purchase a used car.

The majority of prefix style registrations can be purchased at fixed prices through our website, although some of the more sought after prefix style registrations are sold at DVLA Auctions.

Suffix This is the type that was issued to new vehicles between February and July It consists of three letters, followed by one, two or three numbers, and a single letter at the end that helps identify the age of the vehicle.

Please note that there are many 'end dates' that have yet to be identified, but where they are known, they have been included.

Equally, this information can only be used as a guide to help narrow down the dating of any particular car.

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For example, if a 60's car was registered as BND 468G, or a pre-war car as ND 3456, the letters "ND" would be that registration's location letters.Buy dateless number plates - over 54 million to choose from! Sept – Feb The ultimate number plate guide Everything you need to know about number plates Number Plates Explained Want to know more about what number plates actually mean? The plate will be released on March 1st and will apply to any new vehicle registered up until 31st August From 1st Septemberall new cars registered in the UK will carry the number 68, in Marchit will be the release of the 19 number plate and so on.

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