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There can be little doubt that this type-form is taken from a statue by Calamis, or of his time, called Hermes Criophorus, or the Ram-bearer. on the original sources of the Art of the Catacombs ; and for an out- line of the Statue of Hermes, Seeman's 2 Gotter und Heroen, sub nomine.

See Raoul Rochette's book y y Raoul Rochette, Memoires sur les antiquites chretiennes des catacombes. The youthful head and poise of the throat are still de- lightful, and the limbs and drapery admirable.

The subjects are describable by the Slade Professor's expression of "nude prettinesses," sprightly, fanciful, and inoffen- sive, in the best Pompeian style.

The idea of making a tomb like a habitable and agreeable home is thoroughly carried out here, and the whole appearance of these works seems to confirm Mr.

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If this be the case, it will throw an interesting light on the question of how far the Christian cemeteries were ever made places of tem- porary habitation. These are from tombs in the Appian and Ardeatine Way, and contain a Good Shepherd of the Greek type, and a Vine curved into volute-like festoons of great beauty, with boy grape-gatherers, like those of Praetextatus. Similar volutes are 4 8 Appendix* great part of the frame-ornament of the tombs on the Latin Way (Photographs 2098 — 2103, particularly the two first).

I do not remember any Christian stuccoes of this kind except those given by Bosio, to be found also in Bottari, vol. The Christian Faith revived art rather than destroyed it, in restoring what it had so long lacked, a true meaning and a weighty purpose.