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10-May-2020 11:08

By Monday I knew obviously I'd been ghosted so I just sent one last text that said "Hey if something emergency came up it's no problem just get back in touch when things settle down, no harm no foul.If you're ghosting, that sucks but I won't bother you further, thanks anyway! I supposed after only 2 dates it's fine to be mostly unbothered but I'm really proud of myself.First, I said that after two dates there wasn't enough of a connection for me to want to have sex yet (they were short dates and it was someone I didn't even know 2 weeks ago). How do you say it so it doesn't end up in a stupid annoying conversation? Some of the stuff I've been guilty of make me cringe to think of.And then I said "Besides I don't have sex with anyone until they've been tested." He seriously thinks I'm being silly. I didn't wait until we were in his home to tell him, so he wasn't thinking he'd get laid TONIGHT anyway. Examples include: looking at past partners phones, getting pissy about them hanging with friends, social media snooping, getting upset about partners going on solo trips..get the idea.I trust him, I respect him as a person (sadly, something I can honestly say I've never done for anyone else), I honestly care about his happiness and I just think so highly of him.Past relationship partners include shady characters, cheaters, liars, bums/moochers, so maybe it's a combo of maturing/dating the first guy ever that I truly respect?First, we compared each state by opportunity, safety, and demographics.

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The pace wasn't too fast or too slow, we caught up twice a week and emotionally and physically connected. We are both busy with work and a social life but a few weeks ago he started getting busier and not able to (not wanting to) catch up as much which (long story short) led to today..

The point is that if you really do work on it and practice secure behavior, you will develop security!

Even though this sitch didn't work out it gives me more confidence that I'm moving in the right direction.

In today’s world, online dating is war—you never know who’s real or fake, and finger swipes and snap decisions determine fates. Before you resign yourself to a life of cats and knitting, read on.

Whoever said online dating is easy never agonized over the perfect profile photo, tried to write a clever bio, or dodged creepers, scammers, and catfishers.

It wasn't awful, there just wasn't a ton of chemistry.