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The depiction of the mammoth is oriented horizontally, along the shell, rather than vertically as is most common.

This means that when worn, the mammoth is depicted with the head facing down.

In 1890, when the entire Holly Oak assemblage was presented to the Peabody Museum it included 275 additional artifacts.

This assemblage comprised stone tools, animal bones, wood which showed evidence of having been chopped by a stone axe, a mastodon tooth, Archaic projectile points and more objects which "make little sense archaeologically".

The Holly Oak Gorget or Holly Oak Pendant is an artifact made from a section of shell that is engraved with the image of an extinct woolly mammoth reportedly found in Holly Oak, Delaware and initially identified as an example of Paleoindian art.

Purported to have been a gorget carved during the Pleistocene, this object is now widely believed to be an archaeological forgery.

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