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09-Jan-2020 18:37

Forcing things to happen is manipulating and pressuring someone into liking you.

Succeeding in that may be even scarier than failing at it.

By going online, by changing churches, by attending conferences and hosting singles’ gatherings.

On the other hand, as parents you provide your children with a safe environment to discover their independence, with certain boundaries and storing dangerous stuff out of their reach.

Being a parent myself it’s helpful for me to imagine God as an involved, loving father.

Someone who cares for us so much he doesn’t want any harm to happen to us on the one hand, but wants us to develop into responsible adults who are capable of making their own decisions on the other hand.

On the other hand there space for us to make our own choices.

I’m Dutch, so allow me compare it to riding a bicycle.

God guiding our lives works pretty much the same way, I’d say.

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