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ix GENERAL INTRODUCTION : Development of the Imperial Coinage : Mints: pro- vincial and local coinage . Caesarea in Cappadocia maintains a steady output both in silver and copper .

5 The ‘ cistophori ’ of Asia and Bithynia cease abruptly after Hadrian’s great issues.

xxx, xxxi SPECIAL INTRODUCTION TO REIGNS - Antoninus Pius .... 195, linking himself to the great Antonine dynasty and not attempting to exclude Commodus from it. xiv INTRODUCTION and silver (medallions) hardly occur.

The unnecessary revolt of the great soldier, Avidius Cassius, in the East interrupted the restoration of the frontiers and divided the strength of the Empire. cli-clxxxh BIBLIOGRAPHY clxxxv LIST OF COLLECTIONS QUOTED cxcii LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS . Returning to Rome, he showed himself in many strange roles — eastern sultan, hunter and gladiator, religious reformer — but that of conscientious ruler was not among them. But another section probably runs parallel to Marcus Aurelius’s COS .11, a.d. Commodus began by making a premature peace and sacrificing part of his father’s achievements. 147, and some types of this series certainly fall after that year. The coinage, in its language of pictorial symbol, speaks eloquently of the ordered state that had given back to the world its Age of Gold.

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Though, like it, essentially an age of peace it soon developed a character of its own, still stressing the ideals of the 1 Pax Romana’ and the ‘rector orbis’, but laying far less emphasis on the pro- vinces, far more on the traditions of Rome and Italy.

509-16 Mint of Rome (Aes) 517-685 Various Issues, Mines, Barbarous . Verus died in its early stages and Marcus was left to carry the burden alone.